Poor Granpa

Today, dated February 21, 2014 - Going to work this morning around 05.30 accompanied the rain and the traffic congestion in Jakarta , in this month of it being a common sight in Jakarta , Rain , Flood , Loss. It's been unfit to serve as capital of the State of Indonesia .

Jakarta with the trimmings , as usual journey past the worm - Cakung - Pulogadung - Rawamangun - Scout - Manggarai - Sudirman - Senayan - Brass - Palmerah - Kebayoran Lama , almost all the way I'm going through jammed . Every day is always so until it becomes a normal thing for me .

But almost every day I also saw an unusual thing , an old man sitting in the middle of a two lane road boundary under the tree , carrying his bag , wearing a white shirt and black pants black cap , I do not know what's doing it , which I see he always move his hand like father while police set up road smiling alone .

 I wanted him, but how in the middle of the crowded street creep , who became his wife in which my mind is a child , an old man of such age limit alone sitting in the middle of a two lane road under the trees never change clothes , then who care , eating like where , ah .... it always crossed my mind.

There are things that make me happy with this sight , it looks like he's cool with what's doing it , smile alone , whether he's crazy .... Wallahu a'lamu bisawab