The First Destination --> Google Adsense

Good morning all, my name is Masdar Desiawan, call me Masdar, I was born in sridadi, 20 December 1985 - Lampung Indonesia. Oke guys,,,I want to tell you about my destination, today, Wednesday 19th, I make a simple blog, very...very...simple.

My destination to make this blog, order accepted by google adsense, because  I want to earn money from Google Adsense, So I make this blog.

By the way,,,What do you think about google adsense ? , If I think...Google Adsense is Money....:) because there I could make money without difficult. But...Is it difficult to register google adsense? yes,,, difficult if you don't know method.

Google Adsense in my opinion is a cash machine, we just simply work two hours to make article or other and then pass it on. we can also other work beside Google Adsense, ex: dringking coffee, read the newspaper and more.

So....Let's go register Now.

Why google happy if a lot of people who sign up on google adsense?

Because google publisher takes a lot of roles to meet the demands of the advertiser or the target of a growing number adword booming,

then google should quickly multiply publisher that is not inferior to the other competitors advertising publishers applicator that more and more also.

Guys, As I write this article, I actually have not registered to google adsense, because there are several requirements enacted by the google adsense, blog we have to be at least 60 article, hmmm....very much.

but don't give up here guys, keep spirit for DESTINATION --> Google Adsense.....:)