4 Keys to Harmonious Household

Is a harmonious blend of different colors that make up the character strength of existence of an object. The combination is what makes the color whatever can fit into a series of beautiful and harmonious.

Black color, for example, if standing alone would create the impression bleak and cold. Rarely people are standing like black color itself. But, when combined with white, will give style of its own which can eliminate the impression was bleak and cold. The combination of black and white when laid out nicely, will give the impression dynamic, passionate, and warm.

Such was the household should be managed. households is a blend of various colors of characters. There is a male character, women, children, and even in-laws. And not a single man in This world can guarantee that all the characters were completely perfect. Surely there are advantages and disadvantages.

Well, therein lies the harmony. Will not be formed rhythm beautiful in the absence of harmony between the low and high tones. high Low tone was able to give birth to millions of songs beautifully.

In the household, all the advantages and disadvantages of each chime. Sometimes the husband is pitched low, sometimes high-pitched wife. This is where the husband and wife are required to create harmony with kekosong void-fill an existing between them.

There are four things that must be considered to create

1. Do not look back   
Do not ever bring up reasons when early marriage. "Why do I willing to accept that time wrote, huh? Why do not I refuse? "Discard far-away track mind.

The move will result in no change. Indeed, will drag disharmony stemming from a trivial matter becomes complicated and tangled. If drawn regret, not closed possibility of disharmony leads to divorce.

Because of that, let's face the fact that we are currently facing. This is our problem. Do not run away from problems with melongkok backwards.

Alternatively, na'udzubillah, imagine another figure outside our spouse. This will open the door so that the increasingly vicious poison our minds.

2. Think objectively

Sometimes, the conflict could drag other things that actually are not involved. It occurs due to emotional conflicts addressed. Moreover, already involves a third party who knows the internal problems of household
not as a whole.

So, try to localize the problem to the fence. Even better if in mapping this problem is done with the cooperation of the two sides to the dispute. Of course there will be the core issues that need to be addressed.

For example, the problem is less income than the husband. Do not be addressed thus dragging other emotional problems. For example, a husband who does not incompetent to find money or a husband accused of being a slacker. if this occurs, backlash ensued. The husband will shout that the captious wife, materialistic, and less understanding.

And to be objective, the problem of lack of income can be tricked with the cooperation of all parties in the household. not covered possibility, the wife had come looking for income, even independence as well as train the children.

3. See the advantages of a partner, not otherwise  
To foster a sense of optimism, take a look at the advantages of our partner. Do the opposite, bringing up flaws owned. Imagination of an object, depending on how we put point of view.

May materially and physically, we have many partners deficiency. It seemed hard to find excess. However, in This is where the unique marriage. How could a couple husband and wife who love each other can not have more than one child.

Meaning, there are one or two advantages we hide from our spouse. At the very least, he's sincere intentions in assisting us because God has an incomparable advantages. incredible value in the sight of Allah. Well, that's where we look. while way, any shortcomings we couple it is equipped with excess that we have. Instead of dropping or discouraging to change.

4. Include sakralitas menage  
One of the most important foothold willing to settle down a is due to obedience to the law of God. In fact, if according to material calculations, the menage tiring. precisely that's where the value of the reward that God has promised.  

When the issue barely see the tip of the base, return it it to the owner of the problem, God Almighty. Pair sense of well thought Allah swt. Stare at the wisdom behind the problem. God willing, there goodness of all the problems we face.

Do ubudiyah approach. Do not get bored with prayer. It could be, with taqarrub on God, severe problems can be seen lightly. And automatically, the solution will be seen in front of the eye. Insha Allah!