That He Always Love

"Honey, I love you!" Today is either gone for the umpteenth time that my husband gently whisper the word not only directly lips stuck to my ear, but also through SMS when he was in office. Usually I will reply directly, I love you too, brother. Thank you for being my husband. "

I realized, I had a miraculous advantages, but the advantages far outstrip real flaws that I have. I'm not a woman like a queen balqis beautiful girl nor a wealthy woman like Khadija mu'minin ummahatul. Although not blind, but my understanding of the Islampun still need perbaikan.Tak many special that I got, so I'm very grateful that God brings someone God anything is legitimate not only his heart but also his physical to me. Although I am just an ordinary woman, God gave man a pious, good, humble and very, very dear to me.

My mother never told, there are four cases that we have to consider in order to create heaven world in the household. As a wife we are required to maximize kemamapuan so beautiful eyes, cool views, quiet abandoned, excites, and grow the husband obedience to God. Besides being a good mother in educating our children.

First, it is able to provide satisfaction in bed. The bed is the most privacy space between us and the husband. There the husband usually parse fatigue after working all day. The bed is also a place where usually the husband and wife to fulfill his sexual intent. For the wife in demand to arrange a bed with a good, clean and fragrant. The wife needs to understand the husband's sexual needs, meet fuck invitation immediately, providing maximum satisfaction in intercourse, if necessary, it would not hurt his wife volunteered.

Secondly, to create beauty in the house, set it to full artistic, as well as guarding the treasure in it. The house is big does not necessarily create serenity and peace. The furnishings were not too much more expensive can prove residents are happy couple. The beauty here is the beauty that radiates from the hands soft and sincerity penatanya, namely sholehah wife, qonaah, humble, and humble.

Third, educate and keep children. Children are trustworthy, children are an investment, a children's entertainment for us. The children were clean, healthy, smart is the desire of the parents. Making our children pious, smart, healthy and clean to prove the success we educate them. Husband will work harder to make a living if you see the children in this condition.

Fourth, forgive each other. The husband and wife are from two different families, different habits, different customs, different properties. Both are not perfect beings who never wrong. Both have drawbacks. Apologize in advance if it has one and immediately forgive her husband and does not bring up another mistake ever again romance will link the two of us.

A husband will not think of another woman if she is able to display all of these dihadapanya. Provide inner and outer happiness, creating a fresh atmosphere, as well as the wife of reassuring soul. There will also be no strife, heartache or regret have entered into a covenant with God both aza wajalla. That there is an expression of affection, affectionate words, love is always flowering, hopefully the blessings God has always surrounded him.

yesi elsandra
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(For my husband, I will always love you)