Some Day

Tired ... that's what I felt , almost every day I left home early in the morning the night, yes .... dark met dark just want to find a bite of rice , sometimes I do not pay attention to my body exposed to wind , dust . Exhausting trip to the office accompanied by congestion in Jakarta .

Arriving at the office , I immediately opened the computer started I browse the virtual world is not clear where to go, all I'm searching for the sake of eliminating fatigue earlier in the trip .
I tried to use the time to write what's on my mind these days , precisely on February 20, 2014 . I would like to tell a little blogger friends all about me .

Best friend ... I'm destined by God to live married on 12 November 2012 , it is a precious moment for me , unforgettable moments in the history of my life , happy and sad moments . One year my marriage God has destined me to carry out the mandate entrusted to take care of god is a girl , pretty, petite and adorable . But something was not feeling heard by my ears , at that time three of november , 2013, three days after my son was born .... like being struck by lightning , in-law said , " Because there ya paid Fathiya water is rising ... ! " , Up to three time he said that, yes it hurt .... I'm just speechless and withstand the pain .

A child was only 3 days has been blamed to be the cause of water pay rise .... that's so painful day for me ... I told my wife , but what the response , , , he's defending his mother who did not have a heart and taste . Ah .... I feel disappointed with it , the more my heart sad when my wife behave like that . I wanted to finish it all .

Yes this is how I feel today,,,, Sabar and Ikhlas only can I slipped in my heart ......