I Want My Son Follow You

Neno Warisman: Let Me speak
When born, my son really dark skin, then I said to her father: "Good Heavens, he really looks like you yes!" My husband replied: "Did not work right? Say if you want a boy like me." I nodded. My husband went back to work as usual.

When my little baby's first birthday, I propose celebrations with mengkhatamkan Quran at home Then I said to my husband: "So he became penghafal Qur'aan yes, Dad." My husband looked at me as he slowly said: "Oh yes. Idea was good."

Our baby that we named Ahmad, following the call of His messenger. not
how long, he was good at calling us both: Ammaa. Apppaa. Then he pointed to himself and said: Ammat! That she Ahmad. We both Sangay happy with his presence.

Ahmad smart kids grow up to be just like her daddy. math
simple very easy to control. Ah, her father was good at math. He was the pride of his family. He now S3 in the field of Mathematics.

When Ahmad fifth anniversary, we invite the family. dressed up
us all. Ahmad was time to be bored and somewhat annoying. Suddenly she asked her father climbed into the back. I wonder what caused the daddy is so furious, may assume Ahmad had school, was too big to play piggyback, or because many guests and he was exhausted.

Board rejected Ahmad slammed her daddy, her face red, burst into tears,
Muhammad hurt in fifth birthday. Since that day, Ahamad so quiet. Moody to school, alone at home. He no longer likes to ask, and he became very irritable.

I try to approach my husband, and convey the reason. He is completing his paper and did not want to be bothered by trivial matters, he said.

Year after year passed. Not feel Ahmad has completed S1. Youth dashing, smart and quiet has brought me an in-law and a grandchild. When born, the grandson, his wife cried laughing funny: "Good Heavens! His skin was dark, Mas, just like your skin!"

Ahmad turned stiffly, he seemed offended and embarrassed. "It's your fault. You who want to be alone, right. If men want to be like me!"

In my hand, interwoven space and time. Feels there is a pain in my heart. There are worrying me. My granddaughter came home, months passed.

We, grandmother and grandfather, came to visit. Ahmad was picked up his father's small. He cried. Suddenly Ahmad son snarled stomping, shouting, "Ah, how the heck, why not given pampers this child!" With rough disorongkannya tiny baby.

My husband reads the newspaper, are not moved by the atmosphere. Ahmad, papa's baby, immediately clean himself in the bathroom.

I, an old woman, space and time kurajut the poignant grief of a wife and a mother. I am no longer able to hold back the surge in this chest. Burst into tears seemed centuries I've kept it.

I grab the paper in the hands of my husband and I told him: "You used to Ahmad flung it on the floor! Fifth birthday, do you remember? Are you reject it crawling on your back! And when I ask you to fix it, you said you were busy. Did you hear? You hear your son was? She does not like dipipisi. foreign Him with his own son! "

Allahumma Shali ala Muhammad. Allahumma Shalli alaihi wassalaam.
I want my son menirumu, O Prophet. You are carrying your grandchildren on your back, you play with them chasing you even look at a child who dies pet bird. And you also say when a mother who claimed her baby from gendonganmu, "this odious former can be wiped, but if you can replace the fine nerves which dropped on his head?"

I looked at my husband is glued. I looked at my son who still upright like a sharp rock. I looked at both of them, in tears. I must not despair of the mercy, O God, do not you think?

Then I took my husband's hand, though stiff, kubimbing it closer to Ahmad. I took her hand brushed his head, which for decades did not feel the touch of the hands of a father who didamba.

Chest Ahmad shook receive caresses. I said in front of them, "Do this, a request to be picked up dying who are unable to pass anything: except Love. Take, for every boy to be born and a lower descent for the sake of offspring. Take, for a major change in the home our stairs! Also in the surface world. never will be peace as long as the boy was taught a sense of love and affection, intimacy greeting, touch and caress, not just lessons to be manly as you understand. Stoutness without feeling.

Two adult male water floating in their eyes. Two adult male and an elderly woman glued in place. It is not easy to change. But it has to start. I submit to the arms of my husband's baby Ahmad. I said: "never too late to start, darling."

Two men are now learning again. Holding together, alternately replacing diaper, pretend designing future baby laughing together, opening their old stories are full of fog secrets, and discover just how real God entrusts between the two need each other feeling never expressed with words , or touch.

Now the laughter they meet the chest cavity crowded by happy, thanks to You O Allah! Thou art the helper only when all roads seem clogged. You are the light at the end of despair.

The three men in my life I just leave them in your hands. Later, Jira I should meet him, MY, I wanted to say: Yes, Prophet. I have tried all my labor power to invite them all menirumu!

Amen, thank God.

There are three things that exist in our souls if we will be taken step into the path of glory and victories that have occurred at the time of Rosululloh SAW generation, the perfect faith, love and sacrifice.
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